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Editing Services

How this works:

As a non-fiction editor, I have worked on books about psychology, religion, spirituality, biography, urban planning, and life at work. I work with established writers as well as with those whose expertise is in other areas. In either case, my main effort is to bring out each writer’s particular ‘genius’ of voice and experience.

I am happy to receive already completed drafts to edit. More often, I have been part of a working conversation with my clients that begins early in the life of a project-I often assist with proposals-and continues through to the end, with perhaps a final line-edit. What happens in between depends on the requirements of each individual project and the extent to which each author wishes to go it alone, receive periodic feedback (as general comments or detailed margin notes), and engage in conversation along the way. I am also available for one-time consultations, at any stage.

Many of the books I have worked on have been on the metaphysical side. One author kindly acknowledged my help in "putting words to an essentially wordless experience". But another part of my background is in pruning, weeding, and shaping subject matter that is much closer to the ground. I am open to all topics.

If you think you would like me to work with you:

Please send an email and tell me about your project: the subject, form, what stage it is at, any deadlines, the kind of edit you are interested in. Also include your questions. I will get back to you to discuss the project further, and to ask for a small sample of the manuscript—if one exists. I can then give you my suggestions as to how we might proceed and an estimate of costs.

Selected edited books and recommendations:

Thomas Moore, "The Re-Enchantment of Everyday Life", HarperCollins, 1996.
Thomas Moore, "The Soul of Sex", HarperCollins, 1998.
Thomas Moore, "The Soul's Religion", HarperCollins, Spring 2002.

“I have been working with editors for forty years on almost twenty books. I’m rather exacting and not easily satisfied. I can say that Carol Williams is the best editor I’ve ever collaborated with. As a person, and as a word technician, she is a gem. Personally, she is warm and engaged, and yet always professional and restrained. I find that many editors have agendas, either strong and obvious or strong and subtle. Carol is interested in the work at hand and is tenacious in her quest for excellence. She is skillful but not pedantic. Working with her I feel that I am collaborating with an artist who is willing to lend me her word skills. She can craft a sentence and shape a book. She is mature, thoughtful, and truly educated…Any writer would be fortunate to have her as a co-worker”.
Thomas Moore, author of Care of the Soul and eighteen other books.

Byron Katie with Stephen Mitchell "Loving What Is", Harmony Books, 2002.
Byron Katie with Stephen Mitchell "A Thousand Names For Joy", Harmony Books 2007.
"Who would you be without your story?" Dialogues with Byron Katie, edited by Carol Williams Hay House, 2008.

"Carol Williams is a fine editor. She understands a book's language and helps it become what it dreams of being".
Stephen Mitchell, Translator (Rilke, Tao te Ching, Gilgamesh), non-fiction co-writer with Byron Katie (Loving What Is, A Thousand Names for Joy), poet.

Byron Katie with Michael Katz, "I Need Your Love-is that true?" Harmony Books, 2005.

" I have worked with Carol Williams on a variety of projects with a wide range of authors. She is sympathetic and versatile, able to jump in at any point—whether for a detailed line edit, or perceptive overview. I count on her for sensitive reading, good sense for the structure of a book, and for perseverance". Michael Katz, co-author with Byron Katie of “I Need Your Love—is that true?” and book agent.

Josh Baran, "365 Nirvana Here and Now", Element/Harper Collins 2003.

"Carol Williams is a pleasure to work with. A constructive and insightful editor, she never lost sight of where the book was pointed". Josh Baran, author 365 Nirvana Here and Now, publicist.

Michael Carroll, "Awake at Work", Shambhala, 2004.

“Working with Carol on my first book was a true delight and her guidance was superb. She helped me find my voice, strengthen my writing skills and offered excellent advice for expressing sometimes complex ideas in simple language. Carol is a real inspiration and I highly recommend her as an editor, teacher and partner in writing”.
Michael Carroll, author of “Awake at Work” and “The Mindful Leader”.