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"Consisting in equal parts of instruction and delight...", Michael Pollan, author of Second Nature, The Botany of Desire, and The Omnivore's Dilemma.

Excerpts from some reviews of "Bringing a Garden To Life", Bantam Books:

"A gardener and writer with the soul of a poet, Williams has crafted an unusually lyrical garden primer. Readers looking for horticultural marching orders won't find them here: instead they'll discover a mentor who champions a very personal approach to gardening... conveys her enthusiasm to readers in apparently effortless, graceful prose. Williams' practical, lucid guide is a source of delight for experienced gardeners and encouragement for novices". Publishers Weekly, starred review.

"This is a book which aims chiefly to enthuse the amateur, yet even the most experienced gardener should delight in Williams' evocative prose…The book's enduring merit lies in its ability to teach without making the reader aware that they are taking in copious facts.” Gardens Illustrated (London).

"I was captivated ...This is a book about gardens and about life. And whether your bit of earth is a window box or the glades and alles of the Petit Trianon, it makes you want to get your hands into the dirt." The Nation.

“I try not to use the word classic, because it’s overused, but this is one”. Pamela Lord, consulting editor, The Garden Book Club.

Memoir 'Moving' in compendium "London: City of Disappearances" edited by Iain Sinclair (Hamish Hamilton/ Penguin).
Excerpts from reviews of the whole book:

“A book full of richness, unexpected enticements, short sharp shocks and breathtaking writing”. Guardian (UK).

“Exhilarating, truly wonderful, a cavalcade of eloquent writing.” Independent on Sunday (UK).

"House and Garden" no longer exists, and its archives are not presently available on line. Here are a few of the topics I wrote about for that magazine. I can send scanned versions to anyone interested in reading them:

Planting Young Trees.
Nathanial Hawthorne’s Vegetable Garden.
Gardens of Artists and Poets in Cornish, New Hampshire.
An Ecological Landscape by Andropogon.
Fear of Landscaping: about gentrification.
Sharing plants.
Weeds and weeding.
Honey bees.